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We manufacture AHU’s as per design and Space requirement without compromising the performance.
The AHU’s are installed at site with necessary utilities and commissioned accordingly.
We are certified with AHRI for casing. The performance of Clean room parameters mainly depends on the Performance of AHU.
We also manufacture Treated Fresh air Units, Fan coil units, Ventilation and Exhaust units.
Based on the design requirements, Our AHU is provided with different components as listed below :
GP pre painted or powder coated panels with PUF or Glass wool insulation.
Thermal break aluminium profile or insulated aluminium profile.
Centrifugal or Plug fan , speed control thru VFD and Static pressure sensor as an option.
EC fan with CFM modulator as an important option for desired airflow without VFD.
Chilled water / Hot water coil with manifold control system thru Thermostat / Humidistat.
DX coil /Heaters with control system thru thermostat and humidistat.
Cross flow Heat exchangers / Heat Recovery wheel for thermal recovery as option.
Coarse/Fine and HEPA filters with Pressure gauges for Air filtration.
Aluminium aerofoil low leak dampers for airflow control / Fire dampers for Safety.


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